Thesis Option

The following is a plan for the Fall-Spring 2nd Year Timeline for those students wishing to complete the MPH Thesis Option (Plan 1):

This is intended as a general guideline for progression through the thesis option; not as a fixed timeline. Students should have thesis topic and committee/supervisor determined by the completion of the first 24 credit hours.

General Timeline:

Prior to enrolling in the 25th credit hour:

•     Confirm chair/advisor and thesis committee
•     Meet with chair to structure research and writing timeline
•     Submit preliminary literature search/review to chair
•     Form writing groups: schedule meetings at least twice a month

First semester in MPH 5000 (3 credits)

Weeks 1 – 2: Identification of research hypotheses
Weeks 2 – 8: Write first three chapters (see Graduate College Thesis Template
Weeks 3 – 6: Check in with entire committee, updating them on progress

*Students should be working with committee over the weeks leading up to week 8 to ensure the proposal does not come as a surprise to anyone.

Week 7: Must have attended Thesis/Dissertation workshop or completed online training
Week 8: Share proposal (first three chapters) with thesis committee
Week 10: Propose
Weeks 10 – 12: Revisions and IRB submission

Visit the Graduate College website for a Graduation Checklist.

Second semester in MPH 5000 (3 credits)

Submit “Masters Graduation Application” online

Weeks 1 – 8: Data collection and cleaning, data analysis and results section; discussion; chapter 3-5 revisions.
Week 8: Send thesis to committee after discussion
Week 9: Must have filed a Graduation Clearance Form and a revised Plan of Study (if needed)
Week 10: Defend and submit results to the Graduate College
Week 11: Must have filed a diploma application
Week 12: Edits/revisions to committee and the Graduate College
Week 16: Graduate

The Graduate College provides useful resources for students considering the thesis option. Listed below are links to thesis templates, the Guide to Graduation for thesis degree candidates, an online thesis workshop webinar, and thesis frequently asked questions. Theses are required to be submitted using the format provided in the Graduate College Thesis Templates. It is advisable to build your thesis directly from the provided template documents.

Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Templates and Thesis/Dissertation Guidelines

Resources Provided by the MPH Program

**It is the student’s responsibility to know and meet the deadlines outlined by the Graduate College. Use the Graduate College Academic Calendar located in the University Catalog for exact deadlines for each semester.