Practicum Option

The goal of the OSU MPH practicum is to supply students with the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills attained in the MPH academic program in a practice agency or other environment and under the guidance of a skilled site supervisor. The practicum portion of the MPH program is an opportunity to mature in the chosen focus area while also applying practical skills that are better accomplished outside of the classroom.

All students are expected to complete a written report and give a formal presentation upon completion of their practicum.   The written report and presentation will address the four learning objectives and outcomes from the site in addition to culminating the course of study through demonstration of key skills taught within the program.  

Students must submit this completed document to the MPH Director with an electronic copy of your preceptor’s resume. It is the responsibility of the student to solicit and secure a preceptor. The preceptor should be the person who directly supervises the practicum experiences and acquisition of learning goals. Preceptor should have a B.A. with seven or more years of experience, an M.S. with five or more years of experience, or a PhD with one or more years of experience.

The student will also submit an evaluation of the practicum site at the end of practicum evaluating the overall practicum experience.  Your preceptor will also complete an evaluation of you at the end of the practicum.  You will submit both the Student Evaluation of Practicum Site form and the Site Evaluation of Student Form in your portfolio.

Students must successfully complete the written practicum assignment and 200-hour practicum to the satisfaction of their Faculty Advisor.

Below are some files you can use as an example for your practicum projects:

See the Practicum Guide for more detailed information.


*Students completeting their Practicum in the Summer 2017 semester have the option of completing their Practium according to the Pre-Fall 2017 Criteria (linked above) OR the new Fall 2017 Criteria.