Certificate Curriculum

The OSU MPH program offers a unique opportunity to complete a graduate certificate in public health. The 15 credit hour graduate certificate in public health can be completed in one academic calendar year through a range of course offerings including in-person, hybrid, and online. The certificate emphasizes learning in the five core competencies of public health: biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, healthcare administration, and social and behavioral sciences.

Certificate of Public Health in Rural & Underserved Communities 15 hours
Biostatistics 3 hours
REMS 5953 Elementary Statistical Methods in Education
(Fall, Spring, Summer, Online)
3 hours
Epidemiology 3 hours
HLTH 5323: Advanced Epidemiology
3 hours
Environmental Health 3 hours
HLTH 5133: Environmental Health
3 hours
Health Services Administration 3 hours
HCA 5013: Survey of Healthcare Administration
(Fall – Wednesday 7:20 pm Stillwater & Tulsa; Fall online)
3 hours
Ecological Perspectives 3 hours
MPH 5653: Foundations of Health Education & Promotion
(1st 8 weeks fall: Online)
3 hours          
Gainful Employment: For employment disclosures related to the OSU Public Health Certificate program, click here!
Note: To remain in good academic standing, all students must earn a B or higher in each course of the MPH or Public Health Certificate program.